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06 April 2015 @ 12:35 am
singpowrimo day 5: juxtaposition  
prompt 1: write a poem depicting something ugly as beautiful, or something beautiful as ugly.
prompt 2: write a poem on the theme of resurrection.

(tw: rape)

in his mind, this is how it goes:
she is open and gasping beneath him,
bruises blooming across the expanse of
her neck and chest like curtains bursting
into flames, fingers pressing against his arms
the way she plays the piano. the sounds
coming from her mouth are so pretty, so
so pretty, a litany of pleases and stops -
ah, it feels like his skin has been set on fire,
red dancing along his nerves, his fingers,
the back of his eyelids.

in her mind, this is how it goes:
she is writhing and crying beneath him,
pain spreading across every fibre in her skin
like a forest fire blazing through land except
this time, only ashes are left. her
body is weak, hands trying to push him away
but there is more muscle in his arms than in
her fingers. no, this is not what she wants,
she tries to say. please stop i don’t want this
you’re hurting me no no no please don’t -
then he sinks his teeth into her thigh,
and everything is red.


at first i didn't want to write this because it's a sensitive topic and i was afraid that i would romanticise rape. but then i realised that i could use two perspectives: the rapist's and the victim's. this was sort of based off something i read a long time ago, that some rapists rape because it gives them 'power' or that they think this is what people do with their boyfriends/girlfriends. anyway i received a lot of critique for this one which i think was really helpful because while i liked my idea, i didn't like the way i phrased some stuff. but yes. i'm really enjoying spwm so far even though some prompts are really difficult. the community is very welcoming and open - you can talk about pretty much anything unless you're an asshole and write asshole things without being apologetic about it. (although i haven't seen anyone here that's an asshole so i'm pretty sure no shit will go down lmao) i've made a new friend through spwm and talking to her is really enjoyable haha i'm just so grateful for this whole thing because without it, i probably wouldn't ever have gotten to know her? yeah anyway i'm looking forward to the next 25 days. except day 6's prompt is terrible i am crying how do you write a lipogram i'm just..,.okay,..,.im terrible.,.,.ok anyway goodnight lmao sorry for spamming it only just occurred to me to post my stuff here also i need to stop using lmao FRICK it's like a disease