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07 April 2015 @ 06:31 pm
singpowrimo day 6: love poem from a nerd to his girlfriend  
prompt 1: write a lipogram (i.e. a poem that does not use a particular letter of the alphabet.
prompt 2: write a poem that challenges a rule, a law, a habit, a form, a subject, a theme, a mindset: or as many of these as you can.

no, listen to me, i am not about to talk to you
about mathematics. look at me. i am not made
up of theories. i am not going to evaluate your
face with the golden ratio: phi is not everything.
genetics did not consider that the antihelix of
your ear was not in accordance with the
fibonacci sequence; nobody is going to measure
the depth of your collarbones or the gradient
of the curve of your breasts. you do not need that
three centimetres of space between your thighs -
place more space between you and conformation
to what society expects of you. the solution
is not to substitute your skin with another,
but to be who your
mother gave birth to:
a life, not an equation.


this one gave me a lot of trouble because i don't know how to write a lipogram and i was too tired to challenge anything properly so i just.,.,.yeha,.,.,i give up on writing this note for today im too tired to do shit bleh