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08 January 2017 @ 08:25 pm
I randomly wrote this at night and decided I liked it so here, have this

I think a lot about how it must feel
to have someone who loves you enough
to cross oceans to see you, who looks at you
like you hung the stars and moon in the night sky.
What it’s like to have someone’s name settle comfortably
into the dictionary entry for ‘home’, the same way
their hand fits into yours like lock and key.
When they say your name
it sounds like ‘I love you’
and when they say ‘I love you’
they mean a ring wrapped around your finger.
Their voice is gravity pulling
your eyes into half-moons. Suddenly
there are only two categories for places:
those you’ve been to together, and
those you haven’t. For you,
that person would walk through fire;
for you, that person would grow flowers out of the sidewalk
if it meant seeing you smile.
I think about this a lot, how it would be like
to be that someone for another person.
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